The 5 Benefits of Day Porter Services

By Long Beach Janitorial
January 20, 2023

A day porter provides a specific type of janitorial service that helps you maintain a clean business consistently throughout each day.

Whether you own a store, manage a hospital, or oversee a hotel, a day porter will help with the upkeep of your business property by emptying trash receptacles, sweeping and mopping floors, dealing with unexpected messes, and performing similar tasks designed to maintain cleanliness.

Day porter services enhance your business in many ways, some of which are more obvious than others.

1). Keeping Your Business Secure

Although a day porter isn’t a security guard, they often perform security-adjacent services, such as arming and disarming alarm systems, checking for signs of vandalism or theft, and maintaining a watch for unauthorized or suspicious people.

A day porter’s presence can also deter troublemakers from committing crimes on your property. Those seeking to engage in criminal activity typically look to evade notice. When a day porter is consistently present and working in several different areas, their activities will chase away most would-be criminals.

2). Maintaining Sanitation in Common Areas

One of the best day porter services benefits in the post-pandemic era is the ability to keep common areas clean and germ-free. Your day porter will frequently wipe down common points of contact, such as countertops, light switches, and door handles. They’ll also disinfect bathroom facilities several times throughout a shift.

3). Reporting Unsafe Conditions

Any change to the condition of your commercial or industrial property can pose a threat to your employees or customers. Day porter service benefits extend to keeping you or your management team aware of those potential threats. Your day porter will notify you of issues like roof leaks, trip hazards, or wet floors as soon as they observe them.

4). Addressing Technical Difficulties

Every business relies on technology to some extent. While repairing or updating advanced technological programs or systems might require special expertise, a day porter can spot and report problems that require service.

This might involve reporting issues with your HVAC system, door sensors, or more sophisticated equipment. Similar to addressing safety hazards, this type of early reporting can help you address a problem before it interferes with your business operations.

5). Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Some day porter services benefits are somewhat unexpected, resulting naturally from the wide range of services the professional provides.

One example is customer satisfaction. New customers will gain a positive impression of your business when they see a day porter taking care of various tasks and tending to the general upkeep of your property.

A day porter's presence tells customers you care about your business. Consumers prefer to visit businesses that take steps to maintain clean and functional properties. As such, day porter services can help you retain more customers by presenting a better appearance for your business.

Enjoy the Benefits of Day Porter Services

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