How COVID Has Affected Commercial Cleaning Standards

By Long Beach Janitorial
November 16, 2022

The COVID pandemic changed the way people do almost everything, including how business owners maintain commercial facilities. In particular, keeping an office environment clean and sanitary proved challenging to business owners and employers who had to change their requirements for cleanliness.

More Frequent Commercial Office Cleaning

In the past, commercial cleaning services sanitized offices and other workplace environments once per day. However, the introduction of the Novel Coronavirus has changed how frequently we clean commercial businesses. Instead of that once-a-day commercial cleaning, it’s necessary to clean and disinfect any common area several times daily.

Frequent cleaning helps reduce the spread of COVID, increasing the safety of anyone who enters that environment. Additionally, it helps reduce the spread of bacteria and germs that could cause other illnesses.

Reduced Exposure in High Touch Areas

Another way that commercial office cleaning has changed has been in identifying areas with increased exposure to the virus. Over the past two years, business owners have reduced exposure by installing motion-activated lighting and other technology to limit the number of surfaces touched by multiple personnel.

Changes to commercial cleaning standards have included focusing on cleaning these high-touch areas. Cleaning professionals have added to the surfaces they clean to eliminate bacteria and viruses more completely.

In addition to cleaning sink faucets, countertops, and light switches, they also clean telephones, keyboards, and other office equipment.

Exclusive Use of EPA-Approved Products

Another change has included the use of products designed for corporate cleaning purposes. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has issued a list of cleaning products that effectively fight the COVID-19 virus. They continually add to this list as more chemical cleaning products prove capable of fighting the virus.

Cleaning products that are effective in fighting the COVID-19 virus are also effective in killing other bacteria and germs that linger on public surfaces. By disinfecting to fight COVID, the risk of spreading other illnesses is also reduced.

Electrostatic Spraying for Large Areas

If you have a medium or large office, you’ll want to ensure every surface gets disinfected regularly. While this might seem like an impossible task, electrostatic spraying gets the job done effectively.

Your commercial cleaning service will use electrostatic sprayers to coat a large area. The solution uses disinfectant particles with positive charges. The positively charged particles will attach to the negative particles of the bacteria on your office surfaces. This process ensures every surface is thoroughly disinfected.

Frequent Use of Disinfectant Foggers

If you’re familiar with insect foggers, you already know the basic concept behind disinfectant foggers. Rather than killing insects, these types of foggers use chemicals that kill the novel coronavirus and harmful bacteria. Since foggers cover a large area at once, they’re ideal for offices, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial areas.

Because the fog can penetrate most surfaces, it effectively protects areas with plenty of nooks, crevices, or small spaces. It’s also effective in carpeted areas because the fog will penetrate the carpet fibers. Disinfectant fogging hasn’t been common in the past, but the COVID pandemic has made this product more popular.

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