How to Choose the Right Office Cleaning Company for Your Business

By Long Beach Janitorial
February 22, 2023

When you task your employees with keeping your office clean, you’re taking those people away from the duties you pay them to perform.

The better alternative is to hire a professional office cleaning company. Doing so will keep your staff focused on productivity while ensuring that your office always appears clean and well-maintained.

When hiring cleaning company services, finding the best company to meet your needs is important. These tips will help you choose the right third-party service to look after your office space.

Ask for Referrals

Your first step in hiring a cleaning company for your office is to ask other business owners and managers in your community about the services they use.

Getting a few recommendations will help you compile a list of the most popular companies and tip you off to which ones you should avoid. Then, once you’ve put together a list of five or more cleaning services, you can begin narrowing down your options.

Look for the Services You Need

Depending on your business type, you might require unique cleaning services. For example, if you manage a medical office, you might need a cleaning company with sanitation experience.

Inquire About the Hiring Process

Before securing cleaning company services, find out how each company hires its cleaning personnel. You’ll want to ensure each employee undergoes a thorough background check.

The cleaning personnel who service your office should also have completed a comprehensive training program to ensure that anyone who cleans your office space will use similar cleaning equipment and processes. That way, you’ll get the same quality of cleaning regardless of who services your office.

Make Sure the Cleaning Company Maintains Liability Insurance

You could face extensive costs if you hire a cleaning company that doesn’t maintain valid and up-to-date liability insurance.

For example, a third-party cleaning company employee might accidentally damage a computer or another piece of office equipment. You can file a claim for those damages if the company maintains liability coverage.

Another reason to confirm that your cleaning service has liability coverage is to cover injuries on your company’s property. The coverage will pay the medical expenses for the cleaning company's employees if one gets injured while cleaning your office.

Consider Green Practices When Hiring Cleaning Company Services

These days, many businesses strive to limit their carbon footprints while employing eco-friendly practices whenever possible. Today’s cleaning companies help their business customers meet these agendas with eco-friendly practices.

If this is a concern for your business, look for cleaning companies that use energy-efficient equipment. Also, ask if they use non-toxic or green cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment, local wildlife, and ecosystems.

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