Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Business

By Long Beach Janitorial
November 25, 2022

Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Business

You always want your business to look its best year-round. To achieve this, you'll want to complete a deep cleaning about once every quarter. Then, as summer days slowly fade into fall and you prepare for a new season, you'll need to prepare your business for the cooler months and clean up after the wear and tear of the summer season.

A business fall cleaning checklist can keep you on track.

Deep Clean the Floors

The first area to tackle on your business fall cleaning checklist is flooring. Carpets and rugs collect a lot of dirt and debris each season. Consider giving them a professional cleaning to restore their vibrance and add new life to your company's appearance. You'd be surprised what removing the dust and dirt from your area rug can do for a room!

For hard floors, use a mop and polish to restore the shine. Removing any scuffs and adding a layer of wax will make your floors sparkle.

Get an Air Duct Inspection

Spring and summer are full of pollen floating through the air. Eventually, they find their way into your air ducts and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Hire a professional HVAC technician to inspect your air ducts during routine fall maintenance. This inspection alerts you to mold growth, allowing you to remediate it, improve indoor air quality, and make your business safer for employees and customers.

Clean Any Windows

Every business fall cleaning checklist should include cleaning the windows. You can remove any residue left behind from summer storms and sticky fingers, creating an open and inviting space for customers and clients.

Dust Fixtures and Corners

No matter how often you clean, dust appears as quickly as you remove it. Adding dusting to your business fall cleaning checklist will ensure you're minimizing the dust contributing to customer and employee allergy issues.

Clean the Bathrooms

No one likes to clean the bathrooms, but it's an essential task, especially if they are open to the public. Sweep the floors, sanitize, and disinfect toilets and other high-touch areas in the bathroom.

Wipe Down Walls and Cabinets

Using a dry rag, dust the walls to remove any loose debris first. Then, using a soap and water solution, wipe them down to remove any stains or smudges.

Check the Exterior of Your Business

The cleanliness of your interior is essential, but the exterior is just as important. After all, your exterior is the first impression of your business for your customers and clients. Check for any chipped or peeling paint and any damage to your signage. Ensure your doors have adequate weatherstripping to keep your indoors warm as the temperatures drop.

Last, check any gutters and downspouts to determine whether they need professional cleaning.

Personalize Your Checklist

Customize your business fall cleaning checklist to suit the needs of your business. If you need help preparing your business for fall, get in touch and experience the Long Beach Janitorial Services difference. Tell us about your cleaning needs today!

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