How to Decide if a Day Porter Is Right For Your Facility

By Long Beach Janitorial
May 19, 2023

Even though you probably have a full evening cleaning crew for your business, the daily operation of your business will contribute to the need for consistent cleaning.

You can use day porter services to help you keep up with daily cleaning needs. Consider the following when deciding whether to add a day porter to your staff.

A Day Porter Provides a Convenient Solution

Rather than hiring a full cleaning staff for your business’s normal operating hours, it makes more sense to use day porter services.

Your day porter can keep up with the general cleaning needs of your business to ensure you maintain a clean and neat environment for your customers. Additionally, if you see something that needs immediate attention, you can add that task to your day porter’s duties.

It Takes Time to Find The Right Day Porters

Fill the day porter position with someone with talent for the role. This involves more than simply keeping a clean business environment; you’ll need more than a basic background check when filling this role. In addition, you’ll want to ensure the candidate looks comfortable in business attire and has a professional demeanor.

While your day porter will be responsible for keeping a clean environment, you should expect them to interact professionally with your employees, customers, and B2B clients. Your goal should be to hire someone who will only require minimal training. If you can invest the time to find the right day porter for your business, then day porter services may be a good option for you.

Finding the Balance Between Cleaning Crew and Day Porter Services

As you introduce a day porter into your business organization, they can easily feel overwhelmed by all the expected responsibilities. Issues can also arise when delegating tasks between a day porter and a cleaning crew. As you bring on a day porter, establish clear lines telling the individual what you expect from them.

To achieve this goal, prioritize the day porter’s duties. Help them focus on tasks that must get done during the day while advising them to leave less important tasks to the traditional cleaning staff.

For example, you might decide that helping a customer takes priority over emptying the facility’s trash receptacles. Make sure your day porter understands which tasks should be prioritized.

Determine Your Day Porter’s Duties

Remember that day porter services will vary based on the type of business they operate. For example, a day porter in a hotel will have different tasks than a day porter in a car dealership. As the business owner or manager, it’s up to you to determine which tasks the day porter in your business will perform daily.

Maximize Your Day Porter Services

Once you have established the tasks you want to assign to your day porter, give them the freedom to develop their routine. This will help them provide their day porter services as efficiently as possible.

In time, your day porter will become essential to your business’s daily operations, supplementing your maintenance and janitorial staff in important ways.

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