Dispensary Cleaning: Ensuring Compliance and Customer Satisfaction

By Long Beach Janitorial
November 14, 2023

The cannabis industry is still too new to have its own set of good manufacturing practices (GMPs). However, it’s essential for other growing facilities to comply with the existing rules to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation. These methods will help you reduce the presence of bacteria, fungi, pests, and pathogens in your dispensary.

Here is what you need to know about ensuring compliance and customer satisfaction with dispensary cleaning.

Know When to Clean

The best approach for cleaning your dispensary is to treat it like a restaurant. Similar to any dining establishment, people will consume your products. This makes it essential that you clean your dispensary daily. Make sure to use a disinfectant after cleaning to eliminate bacteria, germs, and other biohazards.

Once a week, it’s also necessary to perform a deep cleaning. While your staff can perform the daily cleaning, hiring a professional cleaning service to provide deep cleaning once per week might be preferable. They will have the supplies and tools to clean and disinfect areas that the regular cleaning process misses.

Remove Debris and Moisture From All Surfaces

Daily cleaning starts with removing the discarded plant leaves, soil droppings, and puddles of water from all surfaces. The best method for eliminating these substances is often to use a wet/dry vacuum. Make sure the vacuum has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Removing debris each day will reduce the likelihood of pests and fungi from thriving in the environment.

Disinfect Every Surface

When shopping for a good disinfectant, check the label for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration number. The label will also tell you how to store the disinfectant for future use. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, disinfect every surface in your dispensary. This includes disinfecting tools, equipment, shelves, and tables or desktops.

Keep Hazards Out of Your Dispensary

When you're considering how to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction with dispensary cleaning, look for ways to prevent contamination. Make sure your employees wear personal protective equipment to minimize threats.

Another proactive step to take is to install a foot sanitizer at the entrance to the dispensary. You will want to keep the sanitizer supplied with an EPA-approved disinfectant. The foot sanitizer will eliminate pathogens on the bottoms of your employees' footwear before they enter the dispensary.

Detect Your Dispensary’s Most Common Threats

If you know which specific biohazards are lurking in your dispensary, you can invest in disinfectants specifically engineered to destroy them. For example, spore traps will help you trap fungi samples in your grow room. Testing those samples will help you identify the type of fungus in your facility.

An airborne disease detection system will also monitor your dispensary’s level of bacteria or pathogens. The data you collect from the system will help you adopt the appropriate sanitization methods. If you’re concerned about overloading your facility with disinfecting agents, these tools will help you select the proper type and amount of disinfectants.

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