Reasons to Hire a Professional for Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing

By Long Beach Janitorial
September 14, 2023

Occasionally, you may notice scuff marks and other types of discoloration on your commercial floors. It’s rare that restoring the beauty of your floors will require installing all new tiles. Instead, stripping the flooring wax and applying a new layer is usually enough to bring back the brilliance of your existing flooring.

Find out why you should let janitorial professionals handle this task for you.

Get Professional-Quality Results

If you can turn this into a task for your employees, why hire a professional? When commercial business owners have this thought, they soon realize that this type of work requires experience. And even though your employees work hard, they may need certain equipment and supplies to do the job correctly.

Poor wax removal can leave you with areas of flooring that still look dull and worn even after the new coat of wax dries. A professional janitorial team will have an efficient process for removing the old wax. Once they apply a generous coating of new wax, your floor will look brand new.

Remove Deep Scratches

When you hire a professional for commercial floor stripping, you’ll have a team with years of floor care experience. Their expertise will be especially useful if there are some deep scratches or stains that have gone past the wax sealant. Professionals will know how to buff out scratches and remove stains from the tile surface. As a result, you’ll eliminate blemishes that your employees wouldn’t know how to remove.

Eliminate the Risks of a Workplace Accident

Asking your employees to strip and wax your commercial floors can increase the risks of a workplace accident. Your employees may not have experience working with stripping machinery to perform the work safely. It’s also important to recognize that fresh wax is extremely slippery. A slip and fall could lead to downtime and a workers’ compensation claim.

If you hire a professional for commercial floor waxing, you’ll benefit from workers who know how to safely perform this type of work. They will have the proper tools and personal protective equipment to reduce the risks of an accident. If one does get injured while stripping and waxing your floors, their employer’s insurance will cover their medical care costs.

Janitorial Experts Will Leave You With Clean Floors

The process of stripping the wax off commercial floors creates dust and debris. These materials tend to spread everywhere. A professional janitorial team has the tools necessary for a thorough cleanup. They will remove all of the debris created by the stripping process.

The floor care experts will remove all of the supplies, equipment, and trash they bring into your facility. The only sign they were in your commercial business will be the brilliant and beautiful flooring they leave behind.

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