What Are the Benefits of Electrostatic Cleaning & Disinfection?

By Long Beach Janitorial
April 17, 2023

Electrostatic cleaning and disinfection is a process that takes place after completing the initial surface-level cleaning. This final step in the cleaning process involves using a spray nozzle that discharges a disinfectant solution. As the solution gets introduced to the air, its molecules repel against one another prior to attaching to the surface.

This process ensures a layer of disinfectant gets applied evenly to the entire surface. Even small crevices and empty spaces will receive the disinfectant. To ensure maximum effectiveness, the process does not involve wiping.

The benefits of electrostatic disinfection are numerous. Here are a few:

Ensure Every Area Is Coated Evenly

When you wipe down a surface with a rag and a cleaning solution, you will miss areas that are difficult to reach. These areas include corners, crevices, and imperfections on the surface. This won’t occur when you spray a disinfectant onto the surface. Every area will receive a generous coating to ensure bacteria and germs get eliminated.

Save Money and Reduce Waste

While there are disinfecting agents that do involve physically wiping down the surface, that method forces you to keep a stock of disposable rags. The cost of the rags will add to your operating budget, and you’ll increase the amount of paper waste your organization produces.

The benefits of electrostatic disinfection include eliminating the need for disposable rags. You’ll save on expenses and conserve more resources, helping your business stay more eco-friendly.

Spend Less Time Sanitizing Your Business

Sanitizing your business can inhibit your business’ efficiency. While it’s a necessary procedure, taking steps to shorten the time it takes to disinfect surfaces can help.

Another one of the benefits of electrostatic disinfection is that there’s no need to wipe any surfaces down. Depending on the size of your business, this can save you a considerable amount of time.

Eliminate Cross-Contamination

When you use the traditional method of wiping surfaces down with a disinfectant, you run the risk of spreading more bacteria and germs than you remove. That’s because those microbes will collect on the rag you’re using for cleaning. When you move to clean another surface, those bacteria and germs will transfer to the new surface.

Electrostatic disinfection eliminates this possible cross-contamination. Since you spray the disinfectant and allow it to dry naturally, you won’t be exposing new surfaces to those same bacteria and germs.

Trust that Surfaces Really Get Disinfected

Another flaw with traditional disinfecting is that the disinfectant solution is typically wiped away immediately after applying it. This leaves very little time for the disinfectant to work, resulting in a poorly disinfected surface.

Conversely, a spray disinfectant that’s left to dry naturally will have more time to kill bacteria and germs. Since a disinfectant should remain on the surface for at least ten minutes, you can trust that electrostatic disinfection is far more effective.

Turn to the Pros for Reliable, Top-Quality Cleaning

The benefits of electrostatic disinfection make it an excellent option for businesses looking to maximize their time, money, and safety. Providing a healthy environment for employees and customers is essential. And the best way to enjoy these benefits and keep your building properly sanitized is by trusting your cleaning to the professionals.

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