5 Key Benefits of Stripping and Waxing Your Floor

By Long Beach Janitorial
October 12, 2022

5 Key Benefits of Stripping and Waxing Your Floor

If you're managing a commercial space, it likely has tile floors. These surfaces are tough, durable, and require near-zero maintenance. You'll notice we didn’t say “zero maintenance.”

While concrete and tile don't require the same intense maintenance as hardwood or carpet, they still need occasional care. Most importantly, you'll need to strip and wax your floors.

Why is this important? Let's talk about five stripping and waxing floor benefits and why they're essential to your business.

1. Moisture Reduction

An unwaxed floor is prone to accumulating moisture, which can penetrate the pores in concrete and tile. As water penetrates, it darkens the surface, which results in discoloration. Wax prevents this moisture from getting into your tile in the first place.

But a wax finish wears off over time. Eventually, high-traffic areas of tile lose their coating completely. By stripping and re-waxing, you ensure a consistent finish across the entire floor.

2. Dust Prevention

A wax finish is smooth, which makes it easy to keep clean. Your regular maintenance team can wash away everyday dust with a mop and bucket.

By comparison, unwaxed floors have a texture, at least on the microscopic level. Dust sticks to them, making it almost impossible to clean them thoroughly. A dusty floor isn't just an aesthetic concern. Dust makes your floor slippery and presents a safety hazard to anyone in the area.

3. Scratch-Resistance

No matter the environment, your floor is subject to scratching. Now, you might think wax is softer than tile or concrete and scratches more easily. That’s true, but it doesn’t tell you the complete story.

While wax isn’t as tough as tile, it’s still pretty durable. It absorbs scratches that would otherwise have gone directly into your floor. When you strip and re-wax, the scratches in the wax will disappear. Meanwhile, the floor underneath will be as good as new.

4. Damage-Prevention

We talked earlier about how water can soak into a bare floor. For tile, in particular, this problem goes beyond cosmetics. Water can freeze and expand, cracking your floor. All of a sudden, you can be looking at some expensive repairs. Water can also seep through cracks in the floor and cause damage to lower levels.

5. Stain Prevention

Water isn’t the only liquid that can soak into your floor. Oil, solvents, paint, and other chemicals can also discolor your floor. A wax finish forms a barrier that will prevent this from happening. Regular stripping and re-waxing will ensure that the barrier remains in place. As a result, your floor will look clean and professional and retain its original color.

Choose a Reliable Janitorial Service

Like any facility maintenance, stripping and waxing need to be done properly. A shoddy job can bubble, peel, and won't look professional. To get the job done right, hire a professional you can trust.

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